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This is what I like when you have a mini laptop with you because you can take it anywhere without any hassle at all, you will just put it inside your bag and voila you are ready to go to find a place where there is a wifi spot. I already finished two tasks and I am planning to finish a few today, my eldest daughter is still in KUMON for her Math and English and while waiting for her, I had munched some breakfast in Jollibee. I’d been here for three long hours already; I guess the manager of the store is already pissed off by staying here for long. Well, there’s no much customer yet so I guess it is alright to stay. In the contrary, I may need to get up anytime soon before they would kick me out besides my daughter is almost finish with her English, see you later guys!

A Happy Family

One thing we would like to do when we get to my husband’s place is to have more time with our kids, especially him because there are a lots of moments he had missed for this family and his kids. We would make sure to eat our meal together, laugh together, clean the house together, reading books with kids and a lot more. I want a complete and a very happy family, and soon it would be real and I am so excited about it.
We might be going to the places where my husband used to grocery shop, he also might take us to his work and see some metal buildings around, or he might drive us around when he is free. My eldest daughter is looking forward to riding a car of her Dad, I am sure she would enjoy it. Soon, with crossing fingers, we will be a family.