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Food Trip Friday # 12 : After Hearing Mass

We headed to Red Ribbon right after we heard mass on Sunday, my kids had a blast with their foods and even how tight my diet is, I think no one could ever resist delicious foods and a cake for dessert. Here’s my entry for:

Crispy Chicken, yes it is, believe me!

Ala pobre fried Bangus, don’t mind the two forks!

Grilled Pork Chop, I guess the fork in the other picture
supposedly on this plate, oh Faith, where’s the other spoon?
And a piece of cake,
the other cake was smashed already by us

I Gained 3 Kilos

When I went to my Pulmonologist two weeks ago, the secretary told me to weigh myself in a weighing scale, I was so surprised that I am heavier now than of last August. I gained 3 kilos! It was so depressing that even how I tried so hard to drink that slimming coffee, I still didn’t lose weight. Well, it was on and off, I drank only once a week when the instructions must be everyday.

This time, I am still looking for the best weight loss supplements, anyone you could recommend? It should be a pill that doesn’t have much side effect, such as headache, vomiting, or severe LBM. The one that I took before get me sick so I am now pretty conscious of those pills I am taking, I don’t want to end up in a hospital because of taking a not so effective diet supplement.