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She Was Almost Lost

Unlike her sister, Faith is more adventurous, unafraid of the things she might encounter, and explorer.
When Mj was still at her age, if I would allow her to walk around in the church, she would always get back for me but with Faith, she is like, the more she walked farther, she would explore more, she never get afraid that she might get lost. So when we are in a crowded place, it’s either I would hold her tight or carry her. It doesn’t matter to me if she is already heavy, importantly is that she is secure and wouldn’t be lost.
Yesterday, I guess was not our day because she was almost lost! My sister was busy what blouse to choose, when suddenly my youngest daughter was gone nowhere. I tried to find her but nope we can’t, I have to look below down the floor so I can see her. And there she was she seems like she is talking to someone. When I finally saw her, I held her and the lady she was talking to smiled at me. All the sales staff who were there told me that she has been talking to anyone and or greeted them.
My eldest daughter was almost lost as well and the moment I saw her, she nearly cried. Faith didn’t, she even smiled so wide at me. I never have seen her sobbing or so, she feels like as if nothing happens, in fact she was enjoying it because she had the time to explore around.