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Family Event Today

We just supposed to held our family event today in the nearby pool, but when my sister Irenei went here this morning to see if my eldest daughter was already awake so they could skate together, she suggested to held it in a pool where we haven’t been before, she thought at EMARS the only wave pool here in our place.

We went there past 12:00 n.n already but even we arrived there too late yet we still had so much fun, whenever they signal for a wave, the kids have to get ready to wear their life vest so to protect them from drowning. I did not went near where the big wave was, my eldest daughter was so brave to face the wave, well among us she was the only one who have the guts to go near at the big wave because she knows how to swim.
My youngest daughter on the other hand, wanted to be with her sister but we did not allow her, of course she was barely almost three years old. She keeps on asking me and begging me to go where her sister was, good thing her attention was diverted to the slides. We still had so much fun with the wave though it was only some little waves.