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Girl’s Talk : The All-Time Favorite

Thank GOD this theme today for Girl’s Talk is not that hard at all, because in my entire life I only have a one favorite at all times and that is the “If Tomorrow Comes” of Sidney Sheldon. See, how I am addicted to his writings, anyway this book was the first book; I bought in a book shop. Oh yeah, I don’t usually buy books before but I’ll only borrow it from friends.
Let me see, if I could still recall the story of this book.

Tracy Whitney is a banker and soon to be married with a rich guy. But before her wedding she was force to go back home because her mother died, she could not believe that her mother killed herself. So when she went home, she tried hard to look for means why her Mother suicides, not to mention that their business went down that fast. Only to find herself in a cold bars because she was accused of stealing a painting. Years passed and her fiancée got married with another woman, she thought of revenge, but when she freed from cell, she saw her fiancée full of regrets and depressed. Tracy is a witty woman; she was able to get her funds by using a computer from a store to gain access her account in the bank. There’s this note from a friend in a cell, whom she could approach once she is in the outside world. But the offer is to swindle around so she declined the offer, she wanted to have a full new life but the fate seems not good for her as she almost accused again of stealing a ring from the hotel she worked for. She resigned from work, and she went back to the person who offered her a job, and that is to become a swindler. She was able to meet a guy who is also a famous con artist and have the same job as hers, now they are the most wanted in the country but never did they found out it was them.

This is a highly recommended book; I’ll tell you when you read this. You will not have the courage to put that down.

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