Day Out with Kids

Although, I was so tired last night from our day out, I was still so happy that Faith and Mj get to bond in the mall once again. They were so happy especially my youngest daughter since she could only go out from the house on Sundays. I wanted to bring her when I have some errands to do outside but I just can’t, she is sometimes pain in the butt and she could not be still, she would walk too far from me and won’t get back, she seemed like she is not afraid to explore around without a Mom on her side.

Yesterday, she was chasing after the kiddie car that the other kid was riding, I was even holding her tight so she could not run away from me. So I and Mj decided to rent a kiddie car for her, thank GOD that we thought about renting her one because it really helped me a lot. She had so much fun riding that car.

Mj has to go to National bookstore to buy a mechanical pencil, she preferred to use that than the Mongol Pencil, so while waiting for her Ate to come out from the store, Faith poses for a while for Mommy.

I bought her that cutie pink headband, it reminds me of my headband before, it looks like that only the one on top is a heart not a butterfly.

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