Girl’s Talk : The Doomsday Conspiracy

Now since the topic for today in Girl’s Talk is a thrilling page turner book, I could not think of no one but of Sidney Sheldon, too bad he is gone. Anyway, among his books that he has written, I love most the Doomsday Conspiracy. I guess this is his second book that his main leading role is a guy because mostly he used women as his main character. Although I don’t have a copy of that book, I think I only have few of them; a friend of mine was so generous to let me borrow it when I was still pregnant with Mj.
The protagonist of the story is Robert Bellamy, a man hired by the NSA to locate the several bus passengers in Switzerland who had accidentally seen a weather balloon with some top secret equipment (later on identified as a UFO) collapsing in the woods. As Robert locates the passengers one by one, they are mysteriously killed. Each murder has been meticulously staged to appear as an accident. Robert’s marriage also dissolves, as his wife, starved for attention by Robert, marries a rich business tycoon Monte Banks.
As Commander Robert Bellamy of US naval is in the verge of completion of his mission, he learns that he is being hunted by an unknown lethal force. Robert runs escaping from the attackers from Washington to Zurich, Rome and Paris. As the story unfolds to reveal Bellamy’s past – why the women he loves cannot return his love, why his most beloved friends become his deadly enemies. Bellamy finally learns that the investigation ends in the place where he had started it…with an incredible conclusion.

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10 Responses to “Girl’s Talk : The Doomsday Conspiracy”

  1. genny says:

    wow bitaw na sya na story ann. nakabasa nako but not remember
    maybe i didnt understand what i am reading….wahhh

    well, i like the SKY IS FALLING!

  2. carinamodella says:

    i have read this during my younger years :)…one of my faves from sidney sheldon's collections

  3. mjrodriguez says:

    don't read much sidney sheldon and here i am professing to be a thriller lover.

    i will check her books out next time i am at the library.

  4. f e R r y j H o i says:

    wow!! another sheldon story here Sis ^_^ I think I must grab some copy on it!!! dami nyo na eh

    Happy GT ^_^

  5. Kero says:

    w0w dami talaga fans si sheldon. i only got to read one of his works

  6. Pinay Expat says:

    definitely no one can put Sidney Sheldon books down! This is one my fave books from him.. surely a must-read! GT Visit here…

  7. zh3en22 says:

    Sheldon nanaman, hehe, he's a great writer indeed

  8. simply kim says:

    hmmm.. i remember reading this some time in college.i forgot the plot though, but i surely did enjoy it..

  9. K says:

    yay for sheldon! he's really a great writer, and deserves to be put in our list 😀

  10. Leah says:

    Hmm.. I've read Bloodline and Master of the Game. And they're really good. Ibang klase talagang makagawa ng novel etong si Sheldon. Though, I prefer Crichton's work, I still appreciate Sheldon.. Hehehe…

    Hope you could drop by my blog and drop a comment, too.. =))

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