On our second wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are one of the most that the couples are looking forward to, of course it was the day that you said “I do” and was bounded by GOD, that no one could ever break that bind. We just had our first year anniversary; we supposed to be together on that day. He promised he would bring me his 1st wedding anniversary gifts, but unfortunately he was not able to make it here. He called me the night before that something big would happen this year, the reason why he postponed his flight.
It was our first wedding anniversary and his gift is still in my closet. I am not sure if what he got from me but he would ask me aside from I always ask him to comply, I love to receive a bunch of roses. He gave me a basket of roses and a pack of chocolates when he’s still courted me and I kind a missed receiving roses and card with a message how he loves me so much. It is not that he is not giving me things that I want and I know that giving flowers are so common nowadays, some may find it boring but I tell you it is the sweetest gift you could ever give, I bet it is the best anniversary gifts by year and every year you wife would be delighted to see those flowers in your doorstep. Oh how I wish my husband would give me a bunch of roses once again, perhaps on our second wedding anniversary.

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