So exhausted yet so full

I am so full, I don’t know why I feel like I have eaten a lot of foods today when I just ate a burger, and then munch some ice cream, popcorn at lunch. But a friend in swimming class invited me to have a dinner in their house, so I think I ate a lot there.
Hence, I have to thank GOD for the blessing he gave me as I believe not everyone has the opportunity, like I have this day. Although I was not able to attend the reunion of IW and DSAT tonight, I still had a blast with the friends I made in the swimming venue. So even tired and exhausted and full, this world is still so beautiful to live. Tomorrow is another day; I may bring the kids to the church, then have lunch outside and home. I don’t want to grocery shop so late now, of what I had experience of some taxi drivers here, I rather have to grocery shopping a little bit early and ride a cab so I could hear no complains that the traffic going to our house is so long, and that I should add another 20 pesos, so on and so forth. I have enough of those drivers and I don’t want to ruin my day tomorrow with my kids.

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