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TCP # 24: Jack Frost

The movie that came up in my mind immediately when I learned that the theme today for Tuesday Couch Potatoes are about on ice, I suddenly search the movies of Michael Keaton at Google, because, once again I forgot the title of the movie but the story was still in my mind, well at least a little.
Anyway, my entry today is Jack Frost, here’s the summary from this link:
Jack Frost is a singer who’s on the road most of the time so he can’t spend a lot of time with his son Charlie, although they love each other very much. When Jack dies in a car accident, Charlie becomes a very sad young man, until… Jack returns as a snowman! Now they can do all the things they’ve missed when Jack was human, but what will people think when they see Charlie talking to a snowman and what will happen when the weather gets warmer?

I tell you, this movie really make you cry like a river!
My entry for:

When We First Met

When I was printing an excuse letter of my eldest daughter one day, I found out that our printer is not working properly at all to the fact that I just replace the ink. Although my brother in law said it may be the black ink is lacking that’s why the print was not that good. I hope I just need to buy another ink and not the cartridge itself. As they said that inkjet cartridges are not that affordable because if that is so, I might just wait the printing that my brother in law promised to give me. Hence, I am still so sad that my printer does not function anymore; it has a sentimental value for me because this was the printer that my fiancée, my husband now gave me when we first met.

Blue Monday # 21: Neglected

I saw this painting in the corner of the restaurant we went to, I wonder why they did not display the painting, whereas it was maybe old but the painting has lots to offer just to look at it. They should sell this one to become useful for somebody else than just neglecting the beauty of it by setting it aside in the corner.
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Dinner Together

I bought a fresh fish at the vendor this morning; we supposed to go to my sister’s house so her husband could make a kinilaw for us and a soup for breakfast. I already messaged them but I changed my mind because I have learned that my niece has a sore eyes. So I just prepared our breakfast instead here at home and we went to the church to hear mass afterwards.
But just when we finished the movie that we watch at home, my sister came together with her husband to cook dinner for all of us, so the kinilaw and the tinolang isda was served sumptuously. I have to thank them for coming over for dinner. We watched then a movie in HBO after the dinner, while the kids were playing in the bedroom.