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Girl’s Talk: Grocery Shopping

When I grocery shop, I would immediately get my cellphone to use the calculator right there so I could monitor the amount of each of the items and so I could limit also my shopping, if the budget would only be of that certain amount then I will not exceed. In that way, I could also track the price if it increased this time or decreased but most of the time as I noticed, it always goes up Mostly, especially when there’s school, I would buy wet goods, that is easy to cook, like eggs, bacon, chicken pandan, hotdogs and the like. Chicken and meats are included in the list too. Faith still wears diaper at night so I have to make sure I have those in my basket and her milk as well. I would buy a small can of milk for her because she is not using already a feeding bottle, she used a sippy cup and she doesn’t drink a lot of times because we make sure that she eats her meal regularly.
I also buy some cookies for the kids, Koko crunch with fresh milk, a fit and right fruits and the bottled one, Nestea, and etc, etc.