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TCP # 21: Hook

Just so, I know I needed to apologize for posting all the Meme’s too late including the Tuesday Couch potatoes, my Internet connection has been intermittent these past few weeks and I cannot call my ISP anymore as I was too tired of their same lame excuses. Anyway, without any further ado, here’s my entry for:

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I guess all of us, when we are still kids yet love Peter Pan. Well, I am one of those who got too hooked up with his series. Yesterday, I, together with Faith, we were able to watch Peter Pan not in cartoons though. It was so nice to hear about Windy and their supposedly a little love growing in their hearts.
In the movie Hook, the movie entails about Peter Pan gotten married with the granddaughter of Windy as she was already old when Peter Pan visited her one night. Peter pan realized he needed to grow up too. Peter Pan forgotten his past the moment he kissed the granddaughter of Windy, he never knew Neverland at all.
But Captain Hooked kidnapped his two kids, and he must go to Neverland to get his kids back. Tinkerbelle was able to help him remember all his childhood. For more synopses about the movie here’s the link.

It is still in demand

The job market is tough right now. Hopefully it will improve. But healthcare jobs are still in demand. Opportunities for health care careers are growing as the average age of our population increases. Nurses, doctors, lab technicians, records clerks and other health care specialists are in demand. Lots of Filipina are able to get good jobs in foreign countries after graduating from nursing school and working in the profession for a few years. I hope this would continue until my eldest decides to pick up a nursing course, I know it is too long years yet before she could go to college. Well, I am just an excited mother who can’t wait for her daughter to receive her diploma in college, and so to rest our pocket for tuition fees as well. LOL!

Blue Monday # 18: A Gift

Am I too late? I believe so, my apology though as my Internet connection went intermittent for these past few weeks, I can’t log or even view websites at all. Well, I hope my entry for Blue Monday still be counted, here’s mine:
Last week, I dropped by at the mall to buy my godchild a gift for his christening on Sunday; it was a Grizzly Polo, a short and a T-shirt. I hope those would fit him though.
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Are you getting the coverage you need?

Our car is probably the second most expensive thing we own. Taking care of it and making sure it is insured properly takes time and money. Finding cheap car insurance can help save, but are you getting the coverage you need. It’s always best to check around and find the best insurance at the best rates to cover our car. Customer service is just as important to you in you have an accident. So make sure your insurance company is reliable.