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Girl’s Talk: Beauty Queen

I tried to post this meme on Thursday but my life has been so busy. I hope this entry would still be counted.
So here we go!

Ponds, creamsilk, sunsilk damage repair since my hair was damaged and oh a head and shoulder shampoo I just forgot to include it here.

I think Ponds has to reward me using their brand as always! LOL this is a foundation pressed powder.

Then vitressed, just don’t mind those other three.

Please let me consider to post this picture here, I just want to thank my friend Selina who is also a blogger for giving me this body mist of Victoria Secret from Texas, I just love the fragrance! Thank you so much Selina!

Soft and Comfortable

I know there are things we need for the house. Mattresses are just one of them. The ones we have are old and need to be replaced. There are a lot of different kinds of mattresses; I prefer one that is soft and comfortable. A mattress sale is what I need. I am looking for quality mattresses that will provide durability and comfort for my family. I need new mattresses for the kids and in the master bedroom.

I Hope You Know

I hope you know that I love you so much, that’s why I want you to do well. This is not for my own good but it’s for you. I am not asking of too much, I am only asking enough for you to prove that you are really working hard for it. I understand sometimes things are just hard to bear, that is life and whether you like it or not, you have to dwell on it.
I am also sorry if I have telling you things you don’t like, I am sorry if I hurt you and made you cry. I am just a mother who cared for you a lot and I hope you know that I always love you so much. No matter what happens, you are always be my little darling now and then.

More Advantage

The parents at the pool are also into diet, like me they are also looking for an effective diet pills. They asked me what the best diet pills I could recommend and I named some. Lipofuze is one of the diet intakes I suggested and a slimming coffee as well. But they have to consult a dietitian first if those intakes are good for their health because like I said before, it is better to be cautious of those pills you are taking than to be a victim of fraud because there are many pills around that are fakes. Some pills also have some side effects that could harm your health, so be careful of what you are taking. It is good to look slim but it is more advantage if you are healthy and taking the right pills for you.