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I went to a massage spa where Mj has her training, I thought it would be the best idea for me to have some massages while waiting for her and since my asthma is attacking me from time to time even I already used my seretide, probably a massage could help me to get rid away of some phlegm. It felt so good right after they’re done with the massage so I joined the parents who were at the pool, watching their kids as well. When Mj was finished, she said if we could eat at the MTS where there are some bands, she wanted to listen what songs they got. I said yes, thus she was in a hurry to finish her shower but when she was done, all a sudden my stomach was aching so hard. I told Mj if we could postpone since the pain was unbearable. I have to ask the driver of the taxi cab to turn the aircon off because the pain would get worst when it is too cold.

When we arrived home, my stomach was still aching until now though that’s why I can hardly sleep. I didn’t mentioned it to my husband when he called to me this evening, he is worried enough for his father’s condition, I don’t want to add to his burden because of my condition. I already told him about my asthma attack two days ago and I thought to tell him yet of my stomachache would be too much. Anyway, I guess I will be okay in a moment later.

Online Shopping For Myself And For My Kids

One thing I would like to buy this holiday season for myself is another Digital Camera. The one that I have doesn’t capture so well, it is only good in videos. I’d like to buy a very high end Digital Camera, I hope I could find it online, since there’s no way I could go to the mall to look around for a Digital Camera, it is just hard when my eldest daughter had training for swimming everyday plus she has to attend her advance tutorial twice a week. Best Buy would be the best one for me when it comes to some stuff; they have all the things they can offer with affordable prices. I guess shopping for some gifts for my kids would also be done online so I will not be rushing in the crowded mall this holiday season. If you would ask me if I get too tired with me running around here for my kids, yes I am but it’s all worth it when you know you are doing your best because of them. Being a Mom is such a very tiring job, everyone must agree of that, but when we are able to witness their achievements, momentously those are priceless yet all your hardships are paid.

Practice and Training

I have to go out early again today, my eldest daughter has a practice at school, and I have to go to her Advance Tutorial of exchange of her worksheets since she cannot attend today’s session. Right after I went to the Kumon, I have to go back to fetch her up at school so we could both go home. I supposed to write an entry for my other blog last night but I wasn’t able to do so, Faith woke up all so sudden just after I finished watching my favorite series in the TV. I have to lie down beside her so she could go back to her dreamland otherwise she will wake up and would go back to our slumber at 3:00 in the morning.
When she finally sleeps, I tried to log in but geez I was just too droopy, that all I want to do was to go back in bed. Mj was still in the living room, having a fun time with facebook. Yes I made her one for some games she could play, I was just pitied on her, she was asking for it a year ago already. I just told her to be so careful adding people, if she doesn’t know them, then she should not add them. I also put privacy on her profile, just like mine. Even you would add me, using my yahoo add, you still can’t find me unless I will be the one to add you and if you have seen my profile through friends of friends.
Right now, I and Mj went home, I would take some rest a little bit later so I have enough energy when I send Mj to her training. Have a good nap everyone!