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Girl’s Talk: Shopping Day!

Yay! When I am disappointed that is the time for me to shop. Yes, I don’t do much shopping only if when there’s occasion to attend to and when I shop, I shop for my kids. Maybe that’s the thing of being a Mom of two kids; you always want to shop for them. Geez, Christmas is just around the corner I have to shop for myself this time for Christmas party at school. And oh, I found a very affordable swim wear for my kids just last week, now Faith has three pairs of swim suit already I can’t wait for another swimming get away maybe early next year because it’s too cold this month at the pool, it tends to rain here every now and then, even how humid it is in the morning. And you know where did I bought the swim wears of my two monsters, it was from the ukay-ukay! Mind you, it was branded with only 50 pesos each, hahaha! Like Khaye I am always at a discount price and if it is too expensive I would wait for slash off or you could find me at the ukay-ukay.

Check it Thoroughly

Some acne treatments are not that effective, have you noticed that after you put some treatments into your acne, you skin is so dry at all? Some even have side effects so you must be careful buying some products for acnes because you might be dwelling a major problem after the treatment. You must check the acne medicine thoroughly so to decimate the acne and not to give more allergy to your skin. You also have to remind yourself to have a stress free routine like taking closely to your diet and have a complete rest at night.