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Food Trip Friday # 18: Ice Cream

Ice cream is what I am going to share today in Food Trip Friday! Whenever there’s occasion or just a simple snack time at home when it is too humid I always asked my sister to buy us an ice cream so to fill in our thirst.

My little girl would always ask for ice cream whenever there’s a vendor of ice cream passed by our house. Sometime they sell gallons; sometimes they don’t have available for bigger size so we persist to buy it at the market nears our subdivision.
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Now that I am free!

When I was working in a call center company, I can’t help but to have a dark circles, around my eyes it was because of waking up the whole night to attain some customers over the phone. It gets worst when I can’t sleep during daytime anymore. I was always wonder how to remove dark circles, around my eyes; I tell you it was not easy. And because I already have a hard time sleeping anymore, I quit my job. Well my main reason was because of my baby, she was just born and I was not available for her during night time and I swear to GOD it tore me apart! That’s why I decided to resign from work and be a full time Mom to my kids. Now I am free of dark circles, not only that I also have much of fun time with my two love bugs.