The antihistamine makes me so droopy even I already slept too early last night now I still want to hit the bed to sleep but I think I can’t do that, not today because I have to go out early to exchange the worksheet of my daughter in Math to Kumon. She has to attend a tutorial at school today at least before the examination day on Friday. I enrolled her yesterday and since I don’t have broad example about her lesson for a particular topic, probably a tutor from school could help her understand the lesson and would be able to remember it during the periodical test.
But even she has a tutor three days before the examination day I still have to make a follow up during night time after her training at the swimming club. So sad because I can’t watch my favorite series because I have to assist Mj for her lessons during the day, good thing there’s you tube. I could watch the previous episodes through it so I still didn’t miss a single episode. I should thank the one who upload it from you tube, you are the best!

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  1. Chuchie | Chie Wilks says:

    you are a very supportive mommy jud kaau sis Anne…good luck sa imong little girl

  2. *josie* says:

    next time no-drowse na lang take mo, mas masakit kc sa ulo pag di mo napahinga pag inantok ka.. get-well soon.

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