Excited and Giggling

I woke up so early today, I immediately heat the water that Mj will going to use, so her water will be warm when she’s taking a bath. She is so excited because their P.E. today is swimming, their teacher in P.E. will teach them how to swim. I know she is already under training for swimming but she can’t just hold the excitement since she will be showing her classmates all the strokes that she learned. According to her teacher since she knows how to swim, she could teach her classmates if she like.
Right after she went off to school, I slept beside Faith. I had quiet a little nap until she gets up. It was already 10:00 a.m., so I feed her quickly. After she had her breakfast, she told me she is ready to take a shower, I let her play the water first for a while, because if I won’t she would cry very hard. After I visited some websites, I checked on her at the bathroom and she was making bubble. She was smiling so wide when she saw me, I bathe her right away. When she’s done, she asked me to turn the TV on so she could watch her favorite program, but there’s no Shaun the Sheep, or Pheneas and Ferb yet she was giggling when the movie “Bolt” is in Disney Channel.

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