It is Christmas time once again

My eldest daughter starting to love music, she always borrowed my cell phone just to listen music from the MP3. Few years from now, she might probably going to ask me to buy one of her favorite MP3 players, I hope if I bought her one, she would take extra care of it. My two nieces were no longer using theirs; I wonder what happen to their MP3 players that my husband bought for them as a Christmas gift two years back. And speaking of Christmas, when we went to the mall today, I saw a lot of Christmas lanterns and Christmas tree displayed at each of the counters. I really wanted to buy for the house; our home sweet home is empty for now because we did not put up any decorations yet. If I have enough budget I would love to buy those decorations at the mall, how I wish it is sooner since one month to go, it is Christmas time once again.

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