My Headache Has Gone In An Instant

My head was aching so hard yesterday after I have my hair redone, when we arrived at the swimming venue, I eat immediately at the canteen as I thought I was only hungry but to my dismay it did not work that way. It gets even worst when I watched a movie from a laptop that my friend brought at the cottage, I already took a Paracetamol but my head was still aching so I walk around and bought a bottle of water then I went to the pool area where Mj has her training.
I was pretty amazed of her performance last night because even she was not able to swim for almost two weeks, she still could almost catch up with the one who is always there everyday, she was only 5 inches behind from the one who reaches the first edge of the pool. One of her coaches told me that she would be faster if she will swim everyday and she could even beat the one who is ahead of her. I just smiled at her because I am not sure if we could do the everyday training, but hopefully we will.
Right after I watched the swimmers in the pool and the water itself, my headache has gone in an instant.

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