I went to a massage spa where Mj has her training, I thought it would be the best idea for me to have some massages while waiting for her and since my asthma is attacking me from time to time even I already used my seretide, probably a massage could help me to get rid away of some phlegm. It felt so good right after they’re done with the massage so I joined the parents who were at the pool, watching their kids as well. When Mj was finished, she said if we could eat at the MTS where there are some bands, she wanted to listen what songs they got. I said yes, thus she was in a hurry to finish her shower but when she was done, all a sudden my stomach was aching so hard. I told Mj if we could postpone since the pain was unbearable. I have to ask the driver of the taxi cab to turn the aircon off because the pain would get worst when it is too cold.

When we arrived home, my stomach was still aching until now though that’s why I can hardly sleep. I didn’t mentioned it to my husband when he called to me this evening, he is worried enough for his father’s condition, I don’t want to add to his burden because of my condition. I already told him about my asthma attack two days ago and I thought to tell him yet of my stomachache would be too much. Anyway, I guess I will be okay in a moment later.

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  1. chubskulit says:

    A stomach virus maybe? Get well!

  2. *josie* says:

    get well soon girl.. take care!

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