Will it work for me?

Supplements are a common subject of my blogs. I have an interest in those that can help me lose weight. My big problem is I like food. I especially like rice and other foods that have put a few extra pounds on me. Many supplements make amazing claims of their ability to help you lose weight. With phentermine, they said it is effective, it is a supplement that suppresses your appetite. I wonder if it would work for me. Would it work? Let us see if I decide to buy for it, for now I still have to continue the one that I am using as the moment. I still could not see the result thought but as what my friend says I just have to wait for it.

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  1. Neldajay says:

    Hi Anne,
    You are not alone…I gained back what I lose 10 lbs.

    Anyway, If you think you need supplicant because you are not getting enough vitamin and etc. is fine, but if you know you get all the nutrients that u need I don't think it is necessary for you to take supplements. I think supplements is there to help u if u do not get adequate nutrients…I maybe wrong…its just my opinion.

    Exercise and salad na may bbq pork or chicken lang yan Anne and avoid to much of white rice 1/2 cup lang lagi at walang seconds.. I know it is hard to lose wt… I need to start jogging tomorrow lol

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