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When It’s Sunday, It’s Faith’s Day!

Finally, I am done with my house chores here. As usual nothing really exciting that happens today except that Faith behaved a bit when we were at church, right after the mass I told Mj to bring Faith to the priest so he could bless them. Then Mj asked for some peso to buy a cotton candy for them to munch while we were on our way to the mall.
We ate our lunch at pancake house then we headed to the grocery department to shop for foods. The wet market was so crowded, we always got our cart bumped to theirs, I am tired pushing and pulling it. I am just thankful that my eldest daughter is always ready to assist me; I guess if someone could see us, they might find us funny or maybe wondering why we were all alone at the shop. But even so I am still lucky that I have my kids around me and that I could still buy foods for them or things they could used.
Right now, I am so exhausted with our today’s activity but I enjoyed it so much. With Faith around, who would not be, after all this is her day, it’s actually Faith day. Oh, have I mentioned she just got a new haircut, it was pretty amazing how she talked and so smart to responds to the one who cut her hair, she did not cry at all. I am so proud of you Faith!