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Birthday Party And Smart Bloggers Christmas Parade

We went to a birthday party today; Mj has her ear check-up so she was able to go with us. She does not need to swim this time. The mall nears the clinic was jam-packed with people, even it was only 2:00 p.m., we can hardly get into a cab, everyone is looking for a taxi. I wonder if we are really suffering from economic crisis, when everyone I guess is at the mall today, grabbing those items that are on sale. If only we were not in a hurry to fetch Faith at home, we would choose not to get a cab for us to get home that fasts so we could go to the birthday party a little bit early.

The kids enjoyed the party, even though it was only simple, they only have one game for the kids but still you could see how happy they were to see each other once again. I have to be the one to grab a toy for Faith since she could not reach those items hang in a bamboo stick. Mj got three freebies and she shared one of her toys and chips for her cousin. While my youngest daughter was having fun with her balloon that my Aunt gave her. We went home immediately after we are done eating our meal and of course after the little chit chats with my cousin.

I am still tired and so sleepy when we went home but I am waiting for my husband to be online, they are having a meeting right now regarding with his new position. I must congratulate him with his new assignment when he arrives home. I also have to do the Adgitizing real quick so we could hit the hay before the clock strikes midnight.

And oh before I park my keyboard let me just invite you for fun stuff this coming Christmas please hit the badge below for the instructions thanks!