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A Delightful Day

I just done with my house chores here, we had a long day today although it was a little bit tiring yet complete, it is simply because even we were late we’re still able to attend mass. The kids woke up so late and so am I, well we slept also too late last night so that explains everything.
As soon as Mj woke up, she then went to the kitchen to cook rice for our breakfast and heated the roasted pig we brought last night from the party. She also told me she needs to buy an egg for Faith, because she might doesn’t like to eat the roasted pig left over. Faith woke up later and I bathe her immediately, while my eldest daughter prepared herself for church. Right after church, we went to the mall to buy Mj a lid for her mechanical pencil then we headed to the wet market for grocery shopping.
I bought an ice cream to be share at home; we indeed had a very simple but a very delightful Sunday!