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TCP # 26: The Santa Clause 3/The Escape Clause

I guess I have seen but I am not so sure that I did, anyway here’s my entry for:


Santa’s got problems: it’s a few days before Christmas and production lags, Mrs. Claus is about to give birth and wants family time, and Jack Frost (tired of second billing) is on probation under Santa’s supervision. Santa tries to support his wife by bringing her parents to the North Pole (to preserve the secret of Santa, they must think it’s Canada). Santa also brings his ex, her husband, and their daughter Lucy. Inside the toy factory, Jack makes mischief and hatches a plan to become Santa. With Santa juggling that many snow globes, something is bound to go wrong. But if things get too difficult, Santa can always exercise his option to invoke the Escape Clause. Will he?

Just a note: Picture not mine

In Bringing Some Foods on Christmas Party

Thank GOD that bringing foods for the Christmas party of my daughter, will not be a problem anymore. I finally talked to her adviser and she said I could just bring a chocolate cake baked by my friend. She supposed to assign what we would bring on Christmas party yet after the periodical test but since I approached her about it, she told me I could bring what I want and she will just note it that someone in the class would bring a cake so no one else would bring the same thing anymore.

I hope I could bring some foods home after the party though, but I am not sure I could do that. I am just so shy to pick some foods and put it inside the container. I remember what my sister told me about one parent from a pre-school, she brought like five pieces container and then after the party she puts all the foods in there. Other parents were not able to have their share because she finished it all, I hope she doesn’t do that anymore because it was really so embarrassing. I mean it is okay to bring foods but make sure, it was really the left over and not the share of someone else’s. I don’t want her to be the center of the nosy parents again at school, as a Mom, partially I feel embarrassed for her.

My daughter is looking forward for the school party. Well it is because after the party, she could relax and she doesn’t need to study at all for like how many weeks. I am also looking forward to it too because I could relax and rest more, I would not think to make a quiz note for her every night at least for how many weeks.