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Review on Sunday

Yes, you read it right. Mj will be having a review at school by tomorrow for their periodical exam on Monday, so I have to wake up early again to prepare breakfast and such. I also have to accompany her at school since her carpool will not be here. Well, it is Sunday and they don’t have a service for weekends. So I gotta go folks, I will do the blog hopping and the comment back after things are settled, I can’t wait for next week because I’ll be having enough time in the world here at home and that is after Tuesday yet after their school Christmas party. Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

Hoping They Are Taller Like Their Dad

I am not a tall girl. I am only 4’11”. So sometimes I need stool to stand on to reach the high shelves and to change light bulbs on our ceiling. I need a sturdy step to stand on so that I will not fall. Home safety is important. Having a good solid surface to stand on is much better than climbing up on a chair or a table. But how I really wish I am tall but with my age right now I guess it’s too late for me to take any height enhancer or whatever you may call it. I just hope that my kids would be taller as their Dad.

Foot Spa

After shopping we headed immediately to the swimming venue, while Mj had her training I was also enjoying my foot spa. The lady who take care of me gave me a foot massage, and that’s a plus there’s no extra charges for that, together with the foot spa, I have my pedicure as well too. So even though the training finished a little bit late it was still alright as I have a new fine looking nails and a very nice foot spa.

Only Through Our Webcam

I tried to put Faith to sleep awhile ago, I thought she is already asleep but when I get up, she got up too. I know she is already sleepy because she is lying down in my arms now but I guess she want me to join her in our bed. Our webcam is on for my husband so he could see Faith is sleepy, a little while, he opens his webcam for us to show Faith, Hana our little cat, Faith just greeted her “Hi Miyong I’ll be sleeping soon but Mom is busy yet”. For now, we are enjoying, viewing the snow from our window, don’t get me wrong it was only through our webcam.