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Fireworks on New Year

Two days more and we will be having our short getaway. I and my kids will be celebrating the New Year in a resort where we could see fireworks. I am excited and of course Mj as well, it has been awhile since I haven’t seen any fireworks at all, I just wish that my husband is with us but oh well he has so many things he needs to attain to as usual. The kids missed him that much and so I am but I can’t do anything with that, in some way we should welcome the New Year with so much joy and fun!

In Learning How To Drive

One of the things I am learning forward to doing is learning how to drive. I am tired or riding in taxis and in public transportation. I have started looking for driving schools and talking to my husband about learning, but he says he is not the one to teach me, that a driving school is much better.

As I look into getting a driver’s license, I noticed there are more requirements, like vehicle tags (license plates), vehicle registration and auto insurance. I am not really familiar with auto insurance and as a beginner I must look for an online insurance quotes since Internet nowadays is the easiest access for those, I am sure my rates will be higher than if I had been driving for years. So when we go to buy new insurance or my husband wants to add me to his policy, we ill need to look at an auto insurance guide.

One thing for sure, he will have to explain to me what is covered by our policy, what a deductible is and the reputation of the insurance company we choose. There are a lot of options for us to choose from, but like him, I want a reputable insurance company. When I drive, I want to make sure that I and my kids are protected with good auto insurance.

I am excited about learning to drive and I think I will make a good driver. If my husband and kids close their eyes when I drive, what should I do?