Even You Are Not So Lucky

It is hard to look for a taxi nowadays just tonight we almost could not go home because even Jeepneys were so full. I carried Faith in my arms while my eldest daughter was the one trying to hail a taxi cab but she can’t just get a cab, other passengers was always overtaking her. We waited patiently, my feet were getting numb and my knees were already trembling, yet we have to walk awhile so we can at least get one vacant cab. But there were none, the taxis were not stopping; I am not sure what’s with them.
After almost one hour, Mj was able to hail a cab but there was one woman trying to open also the door of the cab, the same time with Mj. My daughter hesitated now to get inside the cab, thank God that the woman gave way, she told her friends, to let us go first since we had a baby with us. Somehow, even you are not so lucky; you can still meet a person who would help you in the end.

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