Thankful for the Blessings and The Gothic Niece

I supposed to go out today but I get too lazy when afternoon comes. Well, I must savor this moment of not being busy at all, while my daughter still has a school vacation, I should try to stay at home. I have done a good job today because I was able to finish all the jobs in the one day, I must thank to the one who keep on giving us blessings. And of course to the Lord Almighty for the chance to get me into blogging three years back.
Aside from blogging, I was able to upload pictures in Facebook too. My husband was able to view some pictures awhile ago. He was so happy to see his kids, my nieces and nephews. But he wonders what happen to Moreen’s face as she was already wearing a make up. Actually, it was only her eye lids; she puts on a black color pencil. She looks like a Gothic, or something I could not understand, it was too thick. Good thing, her Father noticed it already and advised her not to, otherwise he would chop her color pencil into pieces.

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  1. simply kim says:

    same here! savoring each and every moment of this short christmas vacation, lol! Merry Christmas!

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