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If Only

Excuse my post today, I know it’ll not be fun at all, well anyway we have to face that the reality of life is hard and that sometimes we could not dwell on it.
I am talking about the news I actually read last week, about the girl who was kidnapped and the suspects were identified seems to be not the one who did it. I tried to look at the sketch but they are not resemblance of the pictures at the passport presented. The suspects had evidences to prove they were not the one who did it, the CCTV, their pictures that has a date on it and so on and so forth. Although the father of the kid believed that they were the real culprit, plus the three witnesses. Are the suspects were a victim of a mistaken identity? We don’t know but I hope the authorities will be able to solve the case, not just pinpointing anyone because they wanted to resolve it quickly. And I hope the real suspect would come out soon, but how? I don’t know. All I know is that the kid needs justice as she doesn’t deserve to be treated and to just die like that. She could have a very bright future awaits her, if only she was not brutally killed.

Get the Right Connection

A lot of people have problems when it comes to hooking up new computers or televisions. There are just too many cables. Finding out what plugs in where and what cable goes where can be a headache for a lot of people. Adapters are one way to work with cables and help you get the right connection between different types of equipment, dvi to hdmi cables are one type that allows you to hook your computer up to your flat screen television for example. DVI stands for Digital Visual Interface and HDMI for High-Definition Multimedia Interface.