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Have you ever felt once in your life that it seems like the whole world is tumbling down on you? And you would question, why me?
My life was not always a bed of roses, of course I often encounter hardships and storms in life that sometimes I would like it to stop, no life, no breathing, if I have a wand, I would like sway it in the air and freeze everything but of course we can’t do that right?
We do have our own problem, I am just lucky because I can share it to my eldest although she won’t understand but I know she gives me her sympathy. And that I have a husband who is always listening to me even how depressing I may sound.
But with all our complaints about, why our life has to be like this, while we want it to be like that. Why don’t we have all the wealth in the world so everything can be just easy for us? With all your questions do you ever realize that someone, somewhere in this world, one suffers the most than you are actually dealing right now?
You may not know, somebody loses their arms or maybe legs today in the hospital, or someone lose a person he/she ever loved, or a child became an orphan that instant.
Do you ever wonder how they will be able to cope up after the incident?
Some could not accept it but some just learn how to manage the life that they have now, even how different it is from their life that they had before.
Life is just so mysterious; we will never know what is ahead of us. But whatever it is, we just have to be strong. I don’t know how, because I even could not say I am it is just so difficult to live a life that is so new to you, a life that you are not used to.
And the best thing to do is to pray harder that the life you are enjoying right now will not be taken from you, that it will always be forever to you.

Reading Some Reviews

Even I was sick, I still have the appetite to eat a lot, if I will not really control my eating habit, I would get too huge than I am now. I need an appetite suppressant that’s for sure, but like you, I am also being extra careful of what I will be taking, of course, our top priority is our health so I am seeking someone to suggest me which one is the best, not only that I am actually reading some reviews here over the net which one is effective. I think that’s the best thing to do and I would recommend you to do the same. The information should not be misleading, so we have to check it thoroughly thus when we recommend, we will not be put to blame when something happens.


My newly purchased book is ruined, the cover was torn apart and of course I know you know who did it. LOL
It was my fault also because after I finished reading this morning, I just put it in our couch and so when my youngest saw it, she turns the pages, tried to read and later on tore the cover apart. I was so hurt, I never even done reading it and now it was torn.
I tried to reconnect the cover to the book but I could not find my scotch tape, I have to wait for my eldest to arrive so I could ask her where she puts it. For the meantime, I just stapled it and hide in our drawer.
Me: Oh my dear little love bug, please stop tearing the books apart, oh please!
F : Ok, A yabu Mama
Now how could you get mad with that gesture?

In Reaching my Goal

Like most of you, I oftentimes ask do diet pills work. I’ve seen a lot of commercials on TV that their brands are really effective and that you could lose a lot of pounds for seven days. But when I tried those, it is still the same thing, maybe just maybe if you are taking pills, we should also practice self-discipline not to eat a lot every meal, and we should also do a regular exercise so we could obtain the figure that we have ever dreamed of. Because we could actually never achieve that dream if we don’t exert an effort to reach that goal, I know I keep on telling this everyday that from now on, I should impose a proper diet to myself and that I should not procrastinate on my exercise, a strong motivation for myself in this journey, I believe I could reach my goal someday.