Food Trip Friday : Hito

Do you love dip fries hito or catfish, oh well yes we do, but the restaurant that has the best of this is so far away and there was only one time in my life that we went there. It was not accessible and the Jeepney there are too fast, so I just have to hold on to my cravings and would choose another restaurant in the city every after we are done hearing mass.

Recently, I saw this restaurant just passing through our place, it is so accessible and we don’t have to ride a taxi cab to get there and going back to our home sweet home, and yeah they have the best hito ever, I so love.
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  1. imriz says:

    hi there anne. looks tempting…too bad, im not a hito fan. can i have the atsara,instead:)

    mine ftf

  2. simply kim says:

    wow! i love fish!

  3. momgen says:

    I know how tasty hito is. Happy FTF!

    mine is here

  4. John says:

    I am not fond of hito either but that looks good,.

  5. ♥FoodTripFriday♥ says:

    I think sobrang tagal na ng huli akong kumain ng hito ,as in nasa elem pa ako,totally nakalimutan ko na ang lasa.

  6. Cheerful says:

    at home they used to cooked it with coconut milk, masarap naman but still not a fan of it! anyway, at least somehow your cravings was satisfied. have a great day! 🙂

  7. darly says:

    this looks yummy, though ive never tried eating hito ever- i wanted to but never had the chance

    Here's my FTF entry, enjoy the rest of the week fellow foodtripper.

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