We had so much fun today at the movie entitled Tangled, it was the Rapunzel movie but this time Rapunzel is adventurous, and well determined young woman. Now, there’s the twist of the movie because instead of a Prince would rescue her, it was the opposite because he is the most wanted thief in town.
Rapunzel was stuck up in the tower ever since she was kidnapped by a witch, this witch wanted to be young forever and only the Rapunzel’s hair has the ability to make her young. The witch raised the girl as her own child. But every birthday of Rapunzel she would sneak out and watch the lighted lantern above the sky, she doesn’t know that the lighted lantern has a connection to her.
When Rapunzel caught Eugene on her own tower, that’s the time the adventure begins. You see there’s so much difference between the old version of Rapunzel and this one. My husband told me the story and here’s the part of it.
The old story goes that a man and woman wanted a child so bad and waited and waited when the woman finally became pregnant she craved radishes which grew in the garden of the enchantress next door the man is caught and he has to surrender his daughter to the enchantress after she is born. The enchantress puts her in a tower in the middle of the forest on her 12th birthday; there is no door and no stairs only a window into a single room.

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    I haven't seen this movie. Kinda interesting new twist, huh? =)

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