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I’m Going Back To The Philippines

Just last week, I keep on humming this song and yet until now. But I only stuck with the lyrics I’m going back to the Philippines to see my love one again. I am not sure if some of you still familiar with it but the song was sung by Menudo. Oh how I love them when I was just a little kid. Anyway, I tried to search it in you tube and I was lucky to still found it there.

Your are not perfect, Mom!

I just read a book about the relationship between the mother and the daughter. Of course we heard about Like Father, Like Sons relationship and bonding but I guess with Mother and Daughter tandem, there is a strong bond there and had a special mix of contradictions. Yes they can be best of friends but when the two collides… just run for the cover!

One of the stories I read from the book was when the mother become suspicious with her teenager activities, so she tried to sneak in her room and read her diary. The daughter knew it and she was pissed off, why can’t she trust me so she made a story, written on her diary. Her mom took the hook; she went to her daughter’s school and followed her at the church to the rooftop. Her daughter knew that her Mom has a fear of heights. She could not believe she would still follow her there, when they saw each other, her Mom’s reactions was mixed of emotions, fears and yeah she could tell her mother is really mad. She ambushed her with questions, like where is your boyfriend, you are absolutely grounded. The daughter doesn’t know how to react, all she said was that I don’t have a boyfriend and I supposed be the one to ask you “What are you doing here?” You are actually reading my diary, Mom that is so private. Why is it hard for you to trust me?” The mom was surprised so her daughter just made it all up. It was her fault and she was so busted.

Love each other, yes but like each other as well, so that you treat each other as people, not just family. that’s where the chance of friendship lies.

For our Anniversary

I had plans to shop for gourmet anniversary gifts on our wedding anniversary, which are few months away yet. I hope my husband and I are already together at that time or at least he can be here to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Last year was not push through when he plan to book a flight as many things happened on his part at that time. His sister died and his father was sent to the ICU so it was canceled. Anyway, for me to still give it some cheers and toast, I treat my kids out in the mall and had a sumptuous dinner in one of our favorite restaurants then we headed to the cinema to watch a movie.

Recognition Day

We are going to school today, our neighbor, Jm’s classmates that we are required to go to the school for Recognition Day. My daughter is going to receive an award from school. I am not sure what it is, but whatever she may have received, it is either academic or not, I am still so proud of her. Jm is just an average kid and I have no problem with that. She has her own skills and talent, she just have to explore it to be recognize.
I will bring my youngest daughter and will head to the mall afterwards or if we still have time I might just drag them to my BFF’s niece birthday party.