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Lost My PR

What makes the blogger go weary? Well, that is when she lost her PR.
Yes I was mourning the day I lost my PR, I tried to hold on to it but I guess it’s time to let go and say goodbye and I hope Mr. PR will come back again and would stay at least forever. Oh Mr. Google please hear this pour soul, please let my PR embrace my blog once again.
Mr. PR I will be waiting for you and when you come back I would make you some ice tea with matching pancit canton and bread, or do you want Ice cream or cake? I will serve the best as I can once you come back; just give me a ring so I can fetch you wherever you are.

Accommodate two babies in the same stroller

We have F and JM and that is enough for us. At one time we thought we might want more than those two but we realize for us they are enough. Especially since F is such a handful. I am glad that she is healthy and strong. But if we would have bought a regular stroller and had another baby 18 months later so many families do these days we would have had to buy an additional stroller. It would have been better for us to buy a stroller that had the capability of adding parts to have a place for two babies. A baby jogger city select stroller allows you to add a place for another baby. Well we have the two girls, but if F would have had a twin or we had another baby shortly after we would have been able to accommodate both in the same stroller.