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FTF # 36: Can’t Stop Craving For This

Yesterday, which the post below is about how I am allergic with prawn but how could you not want to eat if this delicious food in the picture is in your table and seems like tempting you down to eat it? And oh guilty as charge, even this one gets me all the time, I still love this dish, it is just so tastefully awesome. You want to have some, just make sure you are not allergic or don’t eat too much so it won’t get you. I was so lucky lately because I was just feeling itchy when I ate this well I just ate a little amount then I was done.
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A Status Symbols in Some Ciricles

IPods, IPads, and IPhones can be seen almost anywhere today. Owning one has become a status symbol in some circles. Along with these Apple devices, having the right Apple accessories can enhance their usefulness, both as communication, work or entertainment devices. For me I love, music and chatting and surfing the net, with one of these devices I can do any of them from almost anywhere. I wonder if there is a karaoke accessory for an IPhone or IPod? Do you think I can find one? I am sure F and JM would help me with this one since they both like to sing and dance.

Food To Die For

When I learned that the topic for today’s Meme for Girl’s Talk is food to die for, there’s only one food I could ever think of and that’s the sautéed prawn. I am too allergic with this food but no matter how many red marks I will be getting whenever I ate this food, I still love prawn. If I get too lucky I would be also getting red marks all over my face. I had always been reprimanded not to eat much but whenever this food is served in our table, I can’t stop my cravings.
I would rather die than to stop eating prawns. So how about you? What kind of food you love the most, that even though everybody is depriving you with that food, you still want to have it? On that note, just click the badge above to share what kind of food you would rather die for?