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Just Like a Toy Top

I went out to see a friend at the mall regarding with our small business, I thought she can come on time so I promised the owner of the house to see her and pay her for our rent here at the other mall since the mall that me and my friend’s meeting place is far from where she worked. What I didn’t know is that my friend was not able to arrive at the mall at that time that we agreed on, so I have to tell the owner to wait for me since I really have to wait for my friend.
I feel like I was a toy top that goes circling inside mall, because my friend said she was there and she was not and that she was in the other department inside the mall but when I get there, she can’t go there because her boss was in that area. I felt dizzy but I have to check something, so to be sure, anyway I know the owner of the house was pissed off at all because she has been waiting for me an hour already but I have no choice I was already in the meeting place and I can’t just go out there without those loopholes settled. Good thing the owner is not that upset because she was still smiling when I saw her after the appointment I had with my friend, or in second thought I guess that just a fake smile.