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What Will You Do This Good Friday?

This Good Friday, my sister and I are planning to join the way of the cross. I so missed this event because I used to do this before with my friend. It has been years since I stopped this task because of my work as a call center agent and I was nursing F when she was yet a baby.
Now, I am so excited to join this kind of sacrifice in the street. I know the hardships that you will bestow once you start walking but when you are done; you could feel a fulfillment that you never had before.

What a Day!

It is such a long and disappointed day; I never thought it would happen to me. For so many long years I never lose something that is valuable for me just like cellphone, jewelries and wallet because I always secure it in my bag but then unfortunately it happen to me today.
The last time I was able to hold it was when I message back a friend in the taxi cab, now I am not certain if I put it back inside my bag or just in my lap but usually, I would hide it inside my bag except at that time because I am not sure if I did.
I already asked the guard of the gym if somebody endorsed it at the reception area. And I already called the office of the taxi but no one had endorsed it. I think they will not return it although I hope they would since it is holy week.

Simple Dinner With My Family Before The Wedding

I supposed to have a bridal shower before my wedding day; I was already so excited to give out my bridal shower invitations when I suddenly got so busy with other things. I had so many things to follow up like my wedding gown, the entourage gown, the florist coordinator, and my wedding invitation, which was a master piece of my friend Cheryl, I had to help her so we could finish that early and we could send it out to all the guests who were invited. I lost out of track of my bridal shower plans, I was sad but through the encouragement of my husband and his support, I slowly forgot all about it. So instead of a grandest bridal shower party, we choose to have a simple dinner with my family before the wedding day.

Summer Getaway 2011

After the Holy Week we are planning to have a small summer escapade on Sunday together with friends and their kids. I am so excited with this because ever since the summer started we were not able to go to the beach and have some fun. I am a busy mom and my kids are so busy with their swimming lesson, unfortunately my little toddler doesn’t know how to kick yet, she would tend to do whatever she thinks is fun than to listen to her coach. I will bring my sister and her kids, so that would add the fun time at the resort. So let’s have summer getaway and face the sun with smile, smile, and smile.