Archive for April 28th, 2011

My PR 2 Is Back

I could not contain my happiness when I found out that I got my PR back after a week of losing it. At first I thought it was just a hoaxed but well, it was there for how many days now so Mr. G thank you so much for giving my PR 2 back to me. I am not sure how I did it, or is it something because I wrote many posts that doesn’t have links at all? But anyway thank you, thank you so much!

I Am So Not Well

I am not feeling well, I haven’t enough sleep last night, and I feel like dark circle is starting to appear around my eyes. The moment I stoop inside the taxi cab, I feel so drowsy and I slept in the cab for one hour. There was an accident happened on our way to the gym that causes the long traffic. I thought we were already so late but when we arrived at the gym, they did not start the swimming yet, because like us, they were also trapped in the traffic.

Keep The Secret

When someone talked to you about something and you know that it would create chaos, whatever happens you are responsible to keep the secret.
This should be a lesson for that someone I know, now it is too late to put back the trust and it’s too late to explain your side because the whole world knew it already. And when you were confronted, you would deny it with all your might. Sigh, I was wrong to believe in you, I thought you were on our side since that was you showed us the first time we talked, but when that person is in front of us, you seem like you twist what our main concern is, you apprehend what that person is talking about instead making our point to the issue. I am so damn tired of your story, I just wish you good luck with what you choose and I hope you succeed of what you are doing right now.