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FTF # 39: Fried Banana

One parent usually brings a lot of foods at the pool, one morning she brought a snack for us and that was the fried banana. I would love to eat more but I have to watch my diet because I am getting huge again, sigh!

Craving For More Foods

Even though I am taking some diet pills or drinking a diet coffee, I still have my appetite to eat a lot. I still crave for more foods, once I ate, I could not stop at all. They said maybe because I am ageing so that explains why my metabolism is so slow. Yesterday, a friend told me about a particular pill that would make you think you have eaten a lot thus it would make you ate less. I am not sure how it works but I have to be cautious and will do some sensa reviews later, I should check it thoroughly for my safety and assurances. Not only with that pill but all of them, or to make really sure that you are in the right track, you should be consulting a dietitian the do’s, the advantages and the disadvantages. As my husband always said, consult somebody who knows everything about pills for the sake of your health.