Bugging Her Sister

F is a very active toddler, one day while her sister was busy playing with her Nintendo she was bugging her and piling up with these pillows.

Jm loves her youngest sister, so she just ignored her, she sat down in the bed instead but F did not stop there.
She still piling up these pillows on the top of Jm’s head. Her eldest sister just went on and did not even argued with her or contradicted her or told her to stop bugging her because she was playing her Nintendo.
Until she was all covered with so many pillows yet she was still concentrating.
F said good job and gave me a hug. LOL

7 Responses to “Bugging Her Sister”

  1. Emzkie says:

    hahaha that is so cute!!! good big sister. =) same as my big brother, he doesnt mind what the little guy would do to him. =)

  2. Adin B says:

    Awe! She missed her big sissy and wanted to play. hehehe.. Just like my little man when he wants attention. He keeps piling on some pillows on mama until mama pays him attention. hahaha.. So cute!

    Adin B

  3. Grampy says:

    That was so funny. She is lucky to have such a nice older sister. There could have been a lot of trouble there.

  4. RyHeAnNe says:

    Naghahanap siguro ng kalaro si Faith 🙂 very cute.

  5. Dhemz says:

    hahhaha…ka bibo aning duha…lol!

  6. carinamodella says:

    ang swerte ni bunso for having a super bait and understanding ate.

  7. Fe says:

    haaaa…joker kaau, wla paki ang ate kay na busy ug dula man gud

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