Facing The Wall

My little teapot is getting too naughty everyday, last night she messed up our lotion and put it in her head, on her pajamas and on her face. I have to imposed something to her so she would learn her lesson, she knows I was mad thus she immediately tried to manipulate me by saying I love you Mama. I know right there and then, she knows I would let her naughtiness passed but I didn’t. I commanded her to face the wall, she refused so hard. She even said “No Mama, no way!” I let her stand still in front of the wall, and she squirmed so hard and cried. Later, as I really holding her face, she started to sing a song; she told me that there are so many writings in the wall. As if she doesn’t know who wrote it, while it was her who has done that. She began to get steady then after like 10 minutes, I talked to her that what she did was bad, and she smiled at me and hug me. I hope she would really put it in her mind.

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  1. simply kim says:

    sometimes we really need to do things we don't want to do just so our children will learn..

  2. My Sassy Chef says:

    Wow, that's discipline alright. My mom used to do that to me and it was effective back then. But in psychology class, we studied that communication is far better than the face the wall punishment. Maybe you could get a go on that. 🙂
    Much Love,
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  3. Selina says:

    hi girl, cheers to us moms…. mao pud ning akong bugoy dri ipang labay iya toy cars sa toilet bowl grrrr! kabuang lagi iya papa ug pamunit waaaahhh.

  4. RyHeAnNe says:

    Aw so sweet, still lucky just face to the wall 🙂

  5. Medication For Yeast Infection says:

    I would also do this to my kids whenever they get unmanageable.


  6. carinamodella says:

    ang galing maglambing ng little girl mo :)) yan yata talga ang isa sa best qualities ng youngest.

  7. jannet says:

    wish i can do the same!

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