Food To Die For

When I learned that the topic for today’s Meme for Girl’s Talk is food to die for, there’s only one food I could ever think of and that’s the sautéed prawn. I am too allergic with this food but no matter how many red marks I will be getting whenever I ate this food, I still love prawn. If I get too lucky I would be also getting red marks all over my face. I had always been reprimanded not to eat much but whenever this food is served in our table, I can’t stop my cravings.
I would rather die than to stop eating prawns. So how about you? What kind of food you love the most, that even though everybody is depriving you with that food, you still want to have it? On that note, just click the badge above to share what kind of food you would rather die for?

12 Responses to “Food To Die For”

  1. Irish says:

    i love shrimps too but for now i cant have any seafood bec of the same reason hays life

  2. Irish says:

    i love shrimps too but for now i cant have any seafood bec of the same reason hays life

  3. sHeNgKaY says:

    ako tagakain lang lagi..hahaha..but i wish to cook too!
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  4. mjrodriguez says:

    I love prawns as well! I don't get allergies too often though. I only get them when I eat too much….

  5. Maricel says:

    We call that pasaway. LOL! But kidding aside, just be careful okay? 🙂 I have a friend who is also allergic to seafood but would still eat no matter what. I think she just takes in medicines to prevent some allergic reactions or something. 😉

    Happy GT dear. Here's mine! Hope you could visit my entry. 🙂

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  6. Ai KaiRui Liu says:

    I love seafood too sis, specifically prawns and crabs…good thing Im not allergic as you…but my bro is also same with you, though he's afraid eating seafoods from the moment he knew he has allergy with it…Im your new follower, hope you'll follow me back…Thanks for visiting my site and for the comment..;)

  7. kha says:

    that must've been suicidal sis!.. hehehe Literally a food to die for!. If this means that you keep on eating prawns yet still you are hypersensitive to it that means it is more dangerous that your system not be able to cope with it. And hypersensitivity is a serious illness. I also love prawns but same as yours I am allergic to it.
    Anyway Hapy GT sis! mine is up here

  8. simply kim says:

    love PRAWNS, too! to die for, indeed… lol!

  9. Simply Dyes says:

    prawns, crabs, lobsters, sea mantis — i love 'em all!

    Yummy is my food. Please dont forget to like my page @ FB. Thanks very much!

    Happy GT!

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  10. ☆Mama Ko☆ says:

    hehe sabi nga kung ano yung masama yun ang masarap hehe. bahala ma allergy pa basta makakain lng, ganyan din ako. pero i fought my sllergy kaya wala sila sa akin kasi nanalo ang kasibaan ko

    E!FT Visiting from GT

  11. Yami says:

    I so love prawns, too. 🙂

  12. K says:

    you remind me of sam. she's allergic din pero di mapigilan. hihi. buti na lng hindi ako allergic. love ko sea food! tamad nga lng ako magbalat. LOL

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