Skin Asthma

Since the allergy in Jm’s face went terribly wrong and is not still heal, I decided to bring her to the Dermatologist today. We waited for like 30 minutes for our name to be called, we were enjoying the movie we watched on their TV when her name was called, I know it was expensive but I have to send her otherwise it might get worst.
And so I was right, it was not just an ordinary allergy but skin asthma, the Doctor said maybe she used a soap that was not good for her. Well, as I recalled she bought Vaseline and last time was milk soap, now the Doctor recommended her soap, a sun block lotion, a sun block cream for her face and the treatment. It was quiet expensive but well it is better than if we just leave it as it is.

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  1. Hazelicious929 says:

    I'm not familiar with skin asthma. Or maybe because I simply ignore medical terms and their meaning hehehe. I am also not prone to any allergies. I have a strong immune system too. Hope MJ will get well soon.

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  2. jannet says:

    hi! my daughter also has skin asthma.. her doctor recommended oatmeal soap, oatmeal bath oil and oatmeal lotion to make her skin moisturized. i've also done some research and found out that oatmeal really helps…

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