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Sending Her To School

It was raining so hard this morning and so the swimming session was moved in the afternoon.
F woke up so early since we slept early last night, actually she fell asleep in the couch and I just transferred her to our bed.
Jm was so excited because I allowed her to send her youngest sister to her school, their Aunt was with them. They are both so excited since this will be their first time to send F at school, at 9:30 a.m., they already went out and since the class will start at 10:00 a.m., they still have 30 minutes to wait for F’s class.
Everyday I always got updates from her teacher and among them was F listens and would respond with what the teacher was saying, the only problem, well it is not really a problem since it is normal of her age to be extra active. F tends to stand up at times, but when she was asked to sit down, she would but yeah she would stand up again. Today it was different because she never stand up and bugged her classmates around, she listened intently maybe she enjoyed the circle and the square and some arts showed to them.

Home Theater For Our Sweet Abode

We love TV in our home. The kids love movies and cartoons. The will watch almost anything and every now and then, the girls will even argue over what they want to watch. I don’t want them to watch too much television, I would rather that played more together or tried to learn new things. However, I also love to watch my programs and would like to improve my television viewing experience with a home theater system. The samsung home theatre system are one of the types I would like to investigate. I have never experienced a home entertainment system and I think I would really like to experience it.