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In a Tight Budget

Now that the enrollment is going on both for Mj and Faith’s school, I am now planning when to enroll them, and to buy them school supplies. Faith has a lot of school requirements since she is a nursery yet, for Mj I would maybe buy her a pack back bag, which she always wanted to have, she doesn’t like the trolley bag anymore. She said it is so heavy. She also thought that the student in 5th grade will be at 3rd floor, so she would have a hard time pulling her trolley upstairs. I already bought a bag for Faith this summer so maybe to contemplate my budget; I would let her used that yet instead.
Enrollment fees now are increasing. Mj’s tuition fees have increased as well too. So even though I would like to enroll Faith in a prestigious school, I just can’t yet. Oh well, she is only nursery so maybe I would transfer her on 1st grade. We still did not have our summer escapade yet we are already facing these huge expenses this month, plus our trip to Manila. Sigh!