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Enrollment, Party, and Summer Thoughts

Finally, I was able to enroll my eldest daughter today at school; my husband wired me some money for the enrollment. So for now, my concern is to buy my kids school supplies, which I think I would do it later after our Manila trip. There is a lot of sales for school supplies this month, I wanted to go there and shop so I can get some discounts but oh well, I must wait for the right time and the right funds for me to be able to go shopping.

My youngest daughter’s summer class would finish this Friday, the school will going to have a short program for the kids, and we must bring some foods for Faith. I thought of a brown moist cake of my friend, I already contacted her and I hope we could have it at least before the party would start.

Yay, where did the time has gone by? Few weeks from now, the summer ends in no time and the school year would start any moment. Some school would start at the later time but some school would start so early just like my daughter’s school, they would start in the first week of June. Sigh, I hope they would move it later yet so we can still have a summer escapade.

Those Things Catch My Eyes

From time to time when we go out I see tents with logos on them. Various companies use these logo canopy to host special events and if you are driving or taking public transportation, they are designed to catch your eye. Recently a bank in my area had a new branch opening. They had the bank branch, but outside they had a tent, with the bank’s logo and inside the tents were giveaways, games for kids and information about the bank and it’s services.

Now this is one way I have seen that will draw attention. It is a type of passive advertisement for a company or organization meant to draw my attention. I must confess, they always catch my eye. Trade shows for trade show flooring or trade show carpet are another venue that may take advantage of this type of advertising. An event tent with the company logo or name on it is one way to get people to see what you want them to see and learn more about your business or product.

From time to time, when I enter a place of business, I will find a welcome mat, carpet or tiling with a company logo mats or name imbedded in the flooring material. As a matter for fact, my youngest daughter is often attracted to these types of things especially if they are cute or have an animal on them. So whenever I go out, I always look to see what is around me, and the next time, I will try to count the tents with logos and carpets they may have a logo or company name on them. Is this a game I can play with my kids?