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First Two Hours

I am always nervous when my friend would talk about me, learning how to drive soon. After I enrolled myself, they told me that they want to accompany me during my first day, they will just take the back seat to observe my driving. I even jokingly told them to wear safety gear like helmet and knee pad for protection in case something would happen. Well of course, I will not prayer for that, but I need your prayers to do it right.

Today was my first day, I even told Mj to hurry after their swimming session so that I will not be late on my driving lesson. I arrive there at 2:00 p.m.; they gave me my student permit and my identification card. The instructor introduced me the clutch, the break and the gas or accelerator right away and how to use them. So today, I learned that the clutch is the most sensitive and the most used part of the car. I have to full step the clutch, then the gas, I have to feel the sounds of the accelerator if it has enough energy to move forward already. Of course you have to release slowly the clutch until you reach the half release; you would know that you are already in half release when the vehicle slowly will move.

Anyway, those were only the few I’ve learned today, I also was able to know the gear, how to do the primary, the secondary and so on and so forth, you always have to push over the clutch before you do the gear and so was the break.

I still have a hard time with turning left and right, I still could not do the right thing to turn the steering wheel. The instructor was always on the look out when it’s time for me to turn left or right. I almost hit a taxi! I almost hit a tree or was almost gone straight to drainage.

But he still let me drive in an open highway with so many vehicles around! Yay, I even asked him if he was sure to let me drive there. He said yes firmly and of course I am the student and I have to obey him. My goodness!

After the two hours of driving, I feel like I was torture and hit with so many woods in my body. My left legs were numbed for a couple of minutes and I was hardly walking in the street. Wish me luck tomorrow. Waaaahhh!!!

Getting The Highest Score on Essays and Thesis

The only thing that made me scared being the senior both in high school, and college was that you can only graduate when you are done submitting your thesis or term papers. It was the primary requirement for you to be able to march and get your diploma on graduation day. Like you, I was also having a hard time to finish my thesis. Computers and Internet were not that accessible that time unlike today, you can just research paper service online, thus the senior students today are so lucky since they can just get any help over the Internet.

If you would let me choose between oral recitation and essays, I would choose the first one unlike my best friend she always prefer the essays, she can write well so easy, she was always the one who got the highest score on essays back then, while I wish for an easy writing service I could hire for me to be able to get a fair score. But even though I had a hard time with that subject, I always made sure that I got the highest score in oral recitation, exams and quizzes so to cover up my score in essay.

On the other hand, inasmuch as my friend in swimming gets so excited as a student in one of the universities here in our place; writing has always been a problem for her. She gets too worried when I told her about essays, thesis and writing paper works, so I introduced her about dissertation writing help, this would be able to help her with her writing skills and so she will not get so worried if the teacher would asked her for thesis and essays. I am certain that if she would get a highest score for paper works, her two daughters will be so proud of her, she will never get a tease from her daughters anymore.