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Pinoy Henyo

Yesterday, after the meeting and the potluck party, one parent suggested for a game for kids to avoid running around the place and so to prevent injury and such. The game was titled “Pinoy Henyo” this game was originated from Eat Bulaga, a game show here in the Philippines that had most numbered of years on air and still running until now.
The mechanics of the game should be like guessing, there will be a word on your forehead, for us there since we don’t have an equipment for putting a word on our forehead, we just wrote a word to be guessed and place it on the head of the person who would guess, the people in front will just say yes, no, or it could be.
So here we are playing the game “Pinoy Henyo”

It Was Just But A Bad Dream

The kids from the pool were worried about what they heard from the TV, the news was of the world to end at 6:00 p.m., yesterday. The parents were there to tell them not to believe it because the world would stand forever for us.
Last night, when I was about to sleep, I was also wondering what if an earthquake would really occur, what would I do? I mean, being alone with kids every night of course my first thought would be their safety, I was having that thought until my eyes finally shut but after a while, I feel like the bed was shaking. It was an earthquake, I suddenly get Faith and tried so hard to open our bedroom door, what made it weird was that, Mj was out of scene. I just heard some screaming from our neighbors and all that as I tried to open our door in the living room. Then I woke up all so sudden, realizing it was just but a bad dream, a dream that kept me up through the night, causes a dark circles around my eyes today. Now I am not anymore worried about the world to end but I am concerned of how to get rid of dark circles, around my eyes right now. If I should not allowed myself to think overly of the speculations around yesterday, I couldn’t have suffered an insomnia and I couldn’t have this sagging eyes now.
Anyhow that served as a lesson not only to me but to all of us that it is but only GOD knows when and how this world could end. We just have to have faith in him and praise him with all our heart. Asking forgiveness and forgive those people who have offended you, who fooled you and who betrayed you would be the best way to have a harmonious relationship with GOD.